What exactly does it take to be a working professional artist?

All the marketing, business and personal finance skills you need to make it as a creative.

Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. That means you are serious about building your creative career as both a business and more importantly to last.

I’m sure by now plenty of people have told you “Have a plan B” or “But that’s a really tough industry” or something along those lines. I’m here to teach you how to set yourself up for success and longevity as an artist – and not a starving one at that.

So if you want to be a working professional and to build a sustainable income read on.


Our programs give you access to the tools you need to set yourself up as a fully fledged business.

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This online course is weekly with a group of creatives and over the 8 weeks we cover sessions on marketing, business skills and managing your personal finances.



This 2 day workshop is taken with other creatives and split into 4 sessions.


Be the first to read our book

Be the first to read our book

Are you an emerging artist? Then chances are you are learning the craft… but no one teaches you the need to know of how to actually carve out a career that pays you money!

In my book “The Savvy Creative” I detail all the tips and tricks of a seasoned performer and someone who learnt everything the hard way. My book is one third, business acumen, one third marketing essentials for the serious artist and one third financial literacy for the creative person.

There is no set path for a creative person. Which can be exciting and liberating but it can also leave you feeling at a loss for how to start. After years of trial and error I bestow my exeperience and advice for the emerging artist and how to set themselves up in the best way for a long and sustainable career.

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