Both the 8 week online program and my in person 2 day workshop give you access to the tools you need to set yourself up as a fully fledged business. These programs are designed to get you thinking about who your brand is, how to effectively market yourself, how best to manage irregular paychecks and how to be a thriving artist – not starving.

Program - Our program

8 week

This online course is weekly with a group of creatives and over the 8 weeks we cover sessions on marketing, business skills and managing your personal finances.

Week 1: Marketing Fundamentals
Week 2: Brand. What is my brand and why is it crucial?
Week 3: Who is my audience/ customer and where do I find them?
Week 4: Asset Library – what do I need to build my brand?
Week 5: Money 101
Week 6: Building a sound financial house
Week 7: Business skills for creatives
Week 8: Creating your own 5 year business plan – specific to your industry

After the online program you will have a thorough understanding of marketing principles and how to apply this to your own craft. You will learn:

What is my brand?
Who is my audience/ customer? (Who will be hiring me or have influence over hiring me?)
How can I reach them on a consistent basis? (Website, newsletter, socials etc)

You will know how to build a library of content, ideas, assets and creative ways to build awareness of who you are and what you are doing. This is building your profile.

You will have a basic understanding of how to assess and manage your own personal finance system as a creative person. It is unlikely you will have steady income so we cover the basics of what to be aware of and where to seek more information from.

And finally you will start to think of your talent as a business. We create an in depth 5 year business plan for your career. We cover essential skills such as managing income, building your network effectively, negotiation, payment basics, information around tax and where to seek more information around these subjects.

8 Week Program
2 days Program

2 Day

This 2 day workshop is taken with other creatives and split into 4 sessions.

Day 1: Working on your self promotion skills and Marketing Fundamentals
Day 2: The morning session is curating content ideas and shooting simple content for your brand. Then we delve into Business 101 and Money 101 in the later part of the day.
After the 2 Day Workshop you will have a toolbox of how to set yourself up as a fully fledged business. We cover the assets you need for building and maintaining a content calendar/ marketing strategy for your art.

You will learn how to assess and manage your own personal finance system as a creative person. It is unlikely you will have steady income so we cover the basics of what to be aware of and where to seek more information from. We touch on things to avoid and things to be aware of as a freelancer and ways to maximise any income coming in in the early years. We look at our mindset around money and if this is benefiting us or harming our thoughts around our art.

You will learn basic business practices when it comes to getting started as an artist. When should you work for free, options you have in terms of negotiation and how to ensure you protect yourself before you have someone helping you in that department (such as an agent).

If you are serious about longevity in this career then this program is for you. If you’ve been to art school – chances are you have learned your craft but not the business side of being a freelancer. Many people overlook the huge benefit that some business/marketing and personal finance acumen would do to help you maximise every opportunity you get. Possibly shaving years of your early slog and even accelerating your success. Not to mention giving you more freedom and choice when it comes to sustaining yourself financially.
This is right for anyone who is an artist and wants to learn how to sustain themselves better financially as an artist. Whether you’re emerging or new to the game later in life… this is right if you’re serious about your career as an artist.
50% deposit to secure your place in either the online program or 2 day workshop. 50% 1 week before. Non refundable but can enrol in another date.
At this stage the online program is available for people internationally if they can make the times.
Check the programs page for our next term dates.
If you have completed both programs I am available for one on one coaching. Please get in touch for more details.
No preparation necessary although there will be a questionnaire once you sign up. Feel free to read the blog and register for the book!
It’s never too early to start. The programs are a great way to network with other likeminded creatives and learn how best to approach the industry once you are ready to jump in.