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The reason I started TSC was because I felt that my lack of personal finance skills led me to no longer being able to pursue my acting career and as a result I had to find a ‘real job’ and landed one in marketing just to make ends meet. I was frustrated that as an artist – there was little focus on these skills and therefore a lot of creatives end up leaving their passion and the industry altogether.
I wanted to create a ‘what not to do’ based on my own experiences and as a result – I wrote The Savvy Creative.

There’s a reason it’s called show-business

There’s a reason it’s called show-business

If you want to learn about how to succeed in this creative career then this site is for you. I give you all the tools for marketing yourself, business skills and most importantly how to manage your income once it starts coming in.
Got no time? Read my book. Got a bit of time? Do the online course. Want to network with other serious creative professionals? Sign up for my 2 day workshop.
What exactly does it take to be a professional artist? Talent? Skill? The right connections?
Wealthy family? Stunning good looks?

All of that can help but there are no guarantees. They say it’s 10% hard work and 90% luck to “make it”. But even those who get a lucky break sometimes make bad decisions and lose everything. What if you could set yourself up for the best chance of optimising every single opportunity you were lucky enough to create and take advantage of? I can help you to learn business skills, how to market yourself to get paid work and how to manage your income when it starts to come in. Armed with these skills – you will place yourself in the best position to set yourself up for success AND to be a Savvy Creative.

“So refreshing to learn about the business side. That’s definitely something we didn’t learn about in drama school.”

Sally, Actor

“I have no idea about marketing and how to put myself out there in social media land. But this 2 day workshop was great because now I have some themes and ideas for ongoing content and ways to reach my audience”

Kirsty, Author
“I’ve realised I was thinking about this all wrong. I wanted to give myself a year to do it all out and see what happened… but after the workshop I have a totally different mindset. It’s a marathon – not a sprint”.
Andrew, Actor and Writer
Nell - Founder


founder & director

So who I am I? And what secret knowledge do I possess?
I was just like you. Full of hope and ready to prove all the naysayers wrong! I don’t need a plan B – I’m going to be a full time artist. People will recognise my talent and I will be a star. So I had a career that spanned over 15 years and included a lot of Film, TV and Theatre that spanned across two continents – however I did a lot of things wrong. I had no financial literacy and I got myself into a fair amount of credit card debt, $25K to be exact. It took me almost 3 years to pay it off and learn a really tough lesson. Something I wish I had learned a lot earlier. You cannot create and thrive as an artist if you’re worried about how to pay your bills.

So everything you see here is a result of my learning it all the hard way. And I want you to learn it at the beginning of your career so you can have a long and wonderfully fulfilling career in the arts.

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